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    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

    (just kidding! We totally have found what we're looking for!)

    House Hunt-A-Palooza
    Today we'll be touring "our" house in the Hills again, along with two other homes on the market down the street that have the same layout so we can compare prices, etc. I was so excited last night that I couldn't sleep! If we like what we see at House #1, we'll probably be making an offer tonight! Eeek!

    Also, we're starting our process with Redfin, which I'm also very excited about! I think we'll hire an agent to sell our home but I have an issue with paying an agent full commission to pretty much only negotiate the offers and close on the house. And that's just what Redfin will do! Nowadays, with the Internet, we have already done all the legwork finding the house. I think Redfin is an awesome alternative to traditional real estate agents. On the other hand, in this market, I think it's important to really have someone out there pimping your property, so we'll probably hire somebody to sell our house for us!

    Wish me luck today! I'll write all about our visit this afternoon!


    J said...

    Definitely good to have someone do the pimping. :) If you dont' need to though...I know people who just hired a lawyer to make sure the paperwork is all a-OK and it's cheaper than the commission you'd pay an agent. Obviously it's a better deal the more your house sells for since agent cuts are a percentage. Just a thought! :)