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    Bottle versus Sippy Cup Showdown
    I've begun the epic struggle to get Baby Bee strictly on sippy cups. She drinks out of sippies fine, when it's full of water. She won't drink juice. She won't drink formula. We're just going to start real milk this weekend.

    Any tips on making the transition from moms out there would be greatly appreciated.

    I know every child hits milestones at different times, but as a mom, I feel like society burdens us with these "timelines" that your baby must hit or (1) something is wrong with them and/or (2) you are a big fat failure as a parent. Everything from sitting up, crawling, walking, talking...the list goes on and on. And no one gives you a handbook that says, "Hey Lady! Baby's don't learn this stuff naturally! You have to show them how to do it!" Well, that would've been handy all those times I was sitting around wondering, "Hmm...I wonder why she hasn't done [X] yet..."

    I seriously need to write a baby handbook after the next Bee Family addition...


    Sara said...

    I'm about to start this process with Ellee. Lindsey gave me a great idea with Jackson. Transferring to whole milk and milk out of a sippy was not a problem at all for him. I think he would have just done it. Ellee, on the hand, is a different story. I am going to do what Linds suggested. This is it...mix formula with whole milk -or whatever your giving her (half and half) gradually get off formula. Not only are we trying to get our kids off formula, but we're trying to get them drinking from the sippy. I don't know what I am going to do about the sippy thing. I'm just hoping she just does it, or wants milk bad enough and will do it. Hope this helps! Best of luck!