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    Tuesday Night TV

    American Idol
    I {heart} Jason Castro! I think he is sooo Jason Mraz and I totally disagree with Simon (even though I typically agree with him!). I know everyone likes him, but I am so over David Cook. Does anyone else see the "rocker" comb-over that guy is sporting? Seriously, tonight watch the Results Show and pay attention to where that guy's hairline is. The answer? You can't tell because he has his rock star comb-over brushed forward to hide his obvious receding locks. Anyway, I think he sings well but is just getting old and monotonous. I predict that the cute little Ramiele Malubay will be gone tonight.

    Beauty & the Geek
    Why do I watch this show? It entertains me, but sometimes I get so frustrated with how helpless the Geeks are and how superficial (and stupid) most of the Beauties are. This show always has the potential to be live-altering for the contestants, but sadly I don't foresee many of these people breaking their molds. I mean, come on Geeks! At least shave off your Sasquatch beard in an attempt to be a little less geeky!! My absolute favorite is the self-proclaimed "Gaysian." Does it get any funnier than that?! I totally want to be his friend and help him find a boyfriend!

    The Riches
    I loooooooooove this show. Every episode leaves me feeling like I just finished watching a movie. The production quality is exemplary and the acting is simply fantastic! For those that have never seen The Riches, this F/X show follows a family, The Malloys, as they happen, through tragedy, upon a dead couple who was in the process of moving to a new town. The family assumes the couple's identities, The Riches, and wacky/thrilling/dramatic antics ensue. I think this series is on-par with The Sopranos (even though I've never seen the Sopranos! ha!) Like I said above, the acting is so amazing. I really highly recommend this show!

    The Biggest Loser
    Shockingly, I have finally caught up on the last few weeks of The Biggest Loser by...wait for it...running on the treadmill! It's the trade-off for having a TiVo downstairs. I love The Biggest Loser but to watch it, I have to get my butt exercising!

    This week, the contestants were flown to Australia to live in the Australian Biggest Loser house for a week. I knew, and have watched, the Australia version a few times but I had no idea that Bob and Jillian, the B.L. trainers work on the US version and then pretty much fly down and spend the rest of their time down-under for the Aussie version!

    Last night, the contestants participated in this crazy long and difficult triathlon race through Sydney. It's always amazing to me to watch the progress and transformation of the contestants. It's just amazing what people are able to change in their lives when they just have the will (and the way)!