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    Thursday Night Television

    Miss Guided
    I'm keeping tonight's 2 episodes for this weekend, but I can only imagine the crazy antics that ensue!

    More reruns last night but it'll be back soon! This show is so great! I know some people get so frustrated by all the twists and turns, but I'm not paying for a full seat 'cause I'm only using the edge, baby! ;) This is one of those programs that has me online researching storylines and reading spoilers for hours in to the night. I look forward to every episode and can't wait to see how these storylines (and the series) end!

    My Name is Earl
    Earl is back! What a great ensemble cast. I never ever like Jamie Presley before she was on Earl. Now, she's got to be one of my favorite female comedic actresses on television! Last night's hour-long episode was hysterical! This show (and the office) are the best for the random one-liner. Such as, "I have a turtle that tap-dances, given the right song and surface, and I let people watch him for free." There is definitely no other character like Crab Man on tv! :)

    The Office
    More reruns on last night but this is definitely one of the best shows on television! I'm so excited for the new shows coming up next week, I think! I still need to order my Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro Am Fun Run tee-shirt. That's what she said.

    Almost every time we watch Survivor, Mr. Bee reminds me of the time in Vegas when he happened upon the last seasons winner and other contestants! This week, I think the funniest part of the show was when Ozzie realized that someone had found (and taken) his fake immunity idol! The episode seemed really full of gameplay versus a normal episode where there is a bunch more action and competitions. I wasn't really in to the show last night, but typically it's one of my favorites.

    Another show that I'm ashamed to say I watch. It's more of a time filler than anything else. The writing is bad. The acting is worse. But I still can't turn it off.

    Seriously, Stakeout? Seriously? That's the best you can do to fill Thursday night prime-time? You just aren't trying anymore, are you?