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    And that is why I can't help but love you so!
    Today all I want to do is just snuggle with my little Baby Bee! She woke up early this morning (early for her is 7 a.m.) and promptly fell asleep on my shoulder. So I just carried her in to bed with me and I dozed for a half hour or so with my precious little girl asleep on my chest. It was one of the few precious moments that I just drank her all in knowing that these moments of snuggling are going to become far and few in between as she gets older!

    Later in the day, I put her down for a nap and all she wanted was her Mommy! I'm not going to lie, I was LOVING IT! Seeing her reach up at me and knowing that all she needed to calm down was to be in her Mama Bee's arms...ugh, it was amazing! I'm not one for the whole elitist "If you're not a mom, you just can't understand" ideology, but I never imagined loving something/someone so much and with so much of yourself, that you literally would do anything for them. It's so different than the love you feel for your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/etc. it's in a completely different category! As much as I bitch about it sometimes (okay, all the time), and as totally cliche as it sounds, there is nothing as fulfilling as being a parent. It's a long, never ending, monotonous, Elmo-filled, tiring, did I mention long and never ending, job but when you see that little hug-able, squeezable, pudgy, cute little baby smile up at you just for being you...there are no words!