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    Get the Party Started

    50 cupcakes, 40 people, 30 balloons, 6 different food dishes and one birthday cake later...
    We have successfully celebrated Baby Bee's First Birthday! We had a great turn-out with only one friend being unable to make it unexpectedly (we missed you!). If I do say so myself, Baby Bee looked adorable in her white and pink dress (see photo). I love the little party hat that I threw together for her at the last minute, but unfortunately Baby Bee was not a fan! I have a few (bad) photos of her wearing it before she chucked it on the floor!

    We couldn't even get a good photo of her shoving cake in her face because she definitely takes after her prissy Mom, not wanting to get food on her face! And it figures that the minute we started to clean her up to open presents, that's when she decides that frosting tastes good and starts sucking it off every finger as we struggled to wash her down!

    It was a great party, but omg I'm sooo glad it's over! I don't even want to think about how many (wo)man-hours and money I put it to her party! All last week consisted of (as you can tell from the lack of posts) is running around town doing errands for the party. I was so very excited to spend today sitting on my arse until I realized that I have to run up to the University for a Child Cognition Study.

    When Baby Bee was born, we received a postcard that you could send in if you wanted your child to be available for studies on child development. Since I come from a Psychology background and remember using children in studies in my Childhood Development class for my major, I thought it'd be kind of a cool thing to do with Baby Bee. We've only done one other study and it basically consisted of Baby Bee watching a little skit put on by an actor. They tracked her eyes to see when she got bored of the skit and if she showed a preference for what the actor was doing. It was pretty interesting! I only wish it were closer so we didn't have to drive 40 minutes to sit in a chair for a half hour and then turn around and come home!