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    Just can't seem to get it right today...

    Man, it just seems like one of those weeks where nothing seems to go my way. After a day with Baby Bee yesterday yelling through lunch and kicking off her shoes (unbeknownst to me, of course) in the middle of the grocery store, today I got to find out that Costco apparently doesn't carry the appetizers I was planning on serving at Baby Bee's party this weekend!

    Then I got to stand in a checkout line for 10+ minutes before they let me know that the register was broken and put up a CLOSED sign right in front of my cart. So I have to get in the back of another line (all this, of course, with a baby in the cart) and I end up behind a woman who has a coupon for everything in her cart. Then she plays dumb when they tell her that the coupons are good for one item each only. It takes so long that they end up saying "f--- it!" and they give her the coupons on all her items just to get her out of the line. When the run her credit card she freaks out saying that she didn't want them to use that card. The cashier looked about ready to kill her.

    When I finally get all my stuff rung up, my damned BECU debit card won't run through! The same thing happened to Mr. Bee a few weeks ago, but even worse, it was a Sunday and there was no one to call at the bank! I was thanking my lucky stars that I actually had my check book with me. But by this time, all my cold and frozen items were totally thawed. Yum.

    Baby Bee is cranky as all hell and finally down for a nap so I can try to eat some lunch (yep, at 3 in the afternoon) and try to watch some NCIS that the cable/TiVo is screwing up and skipping scenes.

    And, to top it all off, Mr. Bee won't be home from his overnight business trip until Baby Bee is down for the night. Yay for another day with no breaks.