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    For whatever reason last night, I remembered my Good Man List that I started in high school. This is a 100+ item list of the things I was looking for in Mr. Right. I dug it out of the office and was cracking up reading it! The best part is seeing the crossed out/ammended items. LOL! It's also hilarious seeing the different sections that were written after a relationship had ended (and, of course, the ex-boyfriend-specific items that were then added to the list!). As you read The List, remember that this was started in high school, so some things are pretty redundant and silly!

    1. Tall
    2. Tan Not frighteningly pale
    3. Nice build, muscular definition
    4. Must have shorter hair than me (see #6)
    5. Preferably no piercings
    6. Hair I can run my fingers through (see #4)
    7. Athletic, physically fit
    8. Minimal body hair
    9. Feet that don’t disgust me
    10. Manicured hands
    11. No bodily functions in public
    12. A sexy neck
    13. Would take a bullet for me
    14. Playful
    15. Flirtatious (towards me) (see #38)
    16. Makes me laugh
    17. Computer literate
    18. Aware of world events
    19. Intelligent
    20. GQ/Fashion sense/does not dress like an Ave Rat
    21. Financially secure
    22. Masculine, but sensitive
    23. Polite
    24. Friendly
    25. Romantic
    26. Has to know and/or loves to dance
    27. Good taste in music
    28. Likes outdoor events (hiking, skating)
    29. Loves likes animals (amended due to friend pointing out that loving animals = bestiality)
    30. Democrat
    31. Likes children
    32. Optimist/Positive attitude
    33. Not obsessed with violence/guns
    34. Optimist/Positive attitude
    35. Not obsessed with violence/guns
    36. Can not does not smoke
    37. Can not does not do drugs
    38. Does not sleep around
    39. Believes in romantic love
    40. Loyal
    41. Not money or power driven
    42. Open and talkative/honest
    43. Women’s lib (women do not belong in the kitchen making you a pie)
    44. Mature
    45. Calls on the phone/emails
    46. Self confident/esteem
    47. Gives compliments
    48. Touchy/physically intimate/affectionate
    49. Charming
    50. Modest, but not shy
    51. Gives plenty of attention
    52. Sentimental
    53. Going to school/good education
    54. Confident
    55. Bit of mischievousness
    56. Single
    57. Lovable personality
    58. Responsible
    59. Knows how to have a good time
    60. Good looking
    61. In my age bracket (21 to 30)
    62. Good kisser
    63. Not jealous
    64. No psychotic tendencies
    65. Spontaneous
    66. Can not/will not obsessively play Magic or video games
    67. Must have a healthy, uh, appetite
    68. I love him
    69. He loves me
    70. Adventurous
    71. Likes spending time with me
    72. Willing to put forth effort to make relationship work
    73. Does not break promises
    74. Likes sports (especially baseball) ß what was I thinking?!
    75. Is reciprocal
    76. Doesn’t take me for granted
    77. Likes to travel
    78. Will hang out with my family
    79. Likes or pretends to like my family
    80. Family approves of him
    81. Assertive
    82. Well-read
    83. Likes to watch movies/tv
    84. Moderate P.D.A.
    85. Likes to cuddle
    86. Will sleep in a twin bed with me
    87. I like his parents/family
    88. His family likes me
    89. Not commitment-phobic
    90. Not arrogant/elitist
    91. Not a music snob
    92. Has a place of their own/doesn’t live with parents
    93. Likes to play board/party games
    94. Freely expresses emotions
    95. Knows how/likes to cook
    96. Likes food
    97. Loves Seattle metro area
    98. Does not belittle me
    99. Thinks I’m beautiful and tells me so
    100. Is future/goal oriented
    101. No Goths!
    102. Emotionally stable
    103. Is reassuring

    I think we're figured that when Mr. Bee and I started dating, he was got 100 out of 103 (not too shabby!) I'll leave it up to you to figure out which 3 he missed! hahah!


    J said...

    #1, 20, and 87.

    #20 *is* pretty broad though. Not an Ave Rat by any means...but...um...as far as I know GQ hasn't called either. If not #20 my next guess is #26.

    But we love Mr. Bee either way. :)

    Mama Bee said...

    LOL! I *do* like his family! hahaha!

    #1 was definitely one of them!