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    I've been so insanely trying to plan and set up for Baby Bee's 1st Birthday Party that my blog is getting lonely. Here's a list of random thoughts to catch you up in my world:

    Seriously, give us more cheese
    I had a great time out Friday night shopping and consuming ungodly amounts of bread, cheese and alcohol. Except for a creepy barkeep and a cheese-stingy waitress, the night was perfect!

    I hate when Mr. Bee has to go on trips! I know he hates leaving us too. Sad all around!

    Just be happy you didn't have to wear a dress...
    Just caught a commercial for a Patrick Dempsey movie called Made of Honor. It reminded me immediately of my own Bridesman for my wedding (of course, minus the romance). Most who know me also know my love for breaking tradition. I love doing things a little different, so I loved having one of my closest friends as a Man of Honor/BridesMan/BridesDude! I think a drawback is not having him at all the typical bridal events (not that I would blame him for not waiting to hang out with a bunch of ladies drinking tea or whatnot!). {shrug} Don't really know what made me think of all that! I think all the talk about past friends made me remember how much fun I had with my Man Friend (Boy-Friend will just get misconstrued!!!) in school. He's definitely one of those friends I just don't get to see that often due to, well, life!

    I'm a loser
    Biggest Loser, that is. Well, not quite yet, but I'm working towards it! Busted my butt on the treadmill and the display said that I should've burned 300+ calories. Yay for me! Now if I can just resist the Garlic Cheddar Bread from the Great Harvest Bread Company that I bought tonight, I'll be golden...

    American Idle
    Tonight is "Inspirational Song" night. Before people start throwing stones, I completely support the idea of the evening in conjunction with the Idol Gives Back program on tomorrow night. But ballads just bore me. Whenever someone asks me what type of music I listen to, I always answer "happy." I like songs with a fun, up-tempo beat. A ballad or two, depending on my mood, is cool, but a whole night of ballads? Yaaaawn. Give me something to tap my toes to already!

    PS: I predict that Kristy Lee Cook is totally gone this week and I haven't even seen the whole episode yet. I don't think she's terrible, but geez, just put her out of her misery already! She's been in the bottom three for like a month!!

    PPS: Stupid product placement makes me really want an iPhone now!! Thanks a lot American Idol and my weak will power.

    Monkeys on Bikes
    Speaking of lucky bastards with iPhones, my friend Mr. J shared this with me the other day and, like most things he shares with me, it cracks me up! Check it out!