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    "Every breath you take..."

    They Love Me, They Really Love Me
    This morning, when I was offline, a few friends desperately emailed, text'd, and finally called me on my cell. They couldn't believe I wasn't online - something must be wrong! Ha! I don't know if that is funny or sad! One of my friends even checked to see what time my last blog entry was posted to determine my whereabouts. I either feel really loved or just a bit scared for my safety ;)

    If You Make Love Like You Park...
    Back eons ago when I was in high school, a friend of mine met me out for dinner. When she got back to her car after our tasty meal, someone had left a business card-size pre-printed note on her windshield that read, "If you (expletive) like you park, you must never get it in."

    Which brings me to today's question: What have you done, if anything, to someone who has parked like a bag next to you?

    Personally, I have encountered many a driver that has decided to park about 2 inches from the side of the car that Baby Bee sits on, forcing me to Cirque du Soleil her through the narrow gap between the car and the car door. That was not the first time that I left a note on the person's windshield stating that they were, um, not a nice person. Ha!

    "I hate people, but I love gatherings. Isn't it ironic?"
    Every time I go out to run an errand, I find myself thinking the same thing. "Man, I hate people." This occurs especially if I have to drive any where (which is 100% of the time). I suppose "hate" is a strong word. I generally "dislike" people. This, of course, excludes present company and my friends/family. It just seems like the majority of the population is irritatingly slow and self-absorbed (i.e. doesn't pay attention at all where they are going or how their movements affect others around them). It seems like no one around me at any given time has anywhere they need to be and are just "Sunday Driving." I'm pretty much convinced that I have the patience of a New Yorker and the driving skills/techniques/road rage of a Californian.