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    Curl up & Dye

    This is my first attempt at mobile-blogging. I'm currently sitting at Gene Juarez with a head of Saran Wrap waiting to see the results of my hair coloring. I was so excited going in to this appointment thinking that by the end of the day I'd be a beautiful blonde, but no such luck. Even though my hair has already been getting progressively lighter for months, it seems it's not as easy as just dumping some chemicals on my head and calling it good. My colorist thinks I'll need to come in one or two more times before I'm back to blonde. :(

    I absolutely trust my colorist 100%, but I'm crushed that I won't be my "normal" blonde for another couple of months. This *might* have something to do with me having the patience of a 2-month-old.

    The silver lining is that because my colorist got me in early, I was able to get an earlier haircut with my normal stylist instead of some random chick I've never worked with before!

    More updates soon...