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    Curl up & Dye - Part Deux

    Hair Blonder, IQ Lower
    Here is a photo of today's end result! I love the cut and was so thrilled to get an appointment with my regular stylist today. As you can see, my color still isn't the blonde that I usually am, but it's definitely headed in the right direction.

    When I was waiting in the waiting area/lobby of Gene Juarez, this woman came in with her maybe 12 or 14-year-old. This little girl looked way over-"processed" for being so young, but she was obviously a product of her mother. She was just way too highlighted and plucked for a girl her age.

    Her mom was obviously *fighting* her age. She was easily late-late 30's, but I think probably in her 40's. But someone apparently forgot to tell her.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for dressing hip and not being all "mom-ish." But is there an age you reach where it's just weird to be wearing hip $200+ jeans with a little graphic tee and high heel pumps? Maybe there is just a very fine line where you have to balance fashion with dressing your age?


    J said...

    Shit. We will totally have the same haircut when I chop mine. I will have to walk around with a disclaimer to all our friends swearing that I mentioned it before and didn't copy you! And to prove to you that I'm not stalking you (for all purposes other than hair notwithstanding), we will go to Nordy's and stalk *that* chick--the one with our hair.

    Mama Bee said...

    LOL! We are totally Hair Brain Twins! :)

    I just got sick of mine being that in-between length. Maybe by the time you get yours cut, mine will grow out a bit and we'll be just kinda-hair-twins?

    LPDraper said...

    Looks great!!