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    Make Yourself Comfortable

    Yeah. I looked *just* like this chick...Juicy or Janky?
    At what point does dressing comfortably cross the line to going shopping in your pajamas? Even though I was all fashioned out yesterday, the moment I got out of the car with Baby Bee to do some errands I had a wave of fear wash over me. "Did I forget to change out of my pajamas before leaving the house?!?!" I thought.

    You do the math:
    1 Juicy Couture Track Suit + 1 pair of Uggs = 1 fashionable mom wearing sweats and slippers.

    Song title: Make Yourself Comfortable by Bette Midler


    Anonymous said...

    Hee. But did you have full makeup, acrylic nails and perfectly flat ironed hair? Then you are a Real Housewife of OC.