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    The Great Debate

    I cannot stop responding to an online debate on a local news channel about the atheist sign that has been displayed next to the nativity scene in the capitol building in Olympia, Washington. Even The Devil (no, not this devil) has featured it on his show.

    Can you guess which one's me? haha.

    Song title: The Great Debate by Dream Theater


    Rachael said...

    It's funny that I live in WA too and didn't know this was happening.

    I don't care about the sign. I think that if the government is going to put up a Nativity scene, then other people should be allowed to show their beliefs too.

    I am a Christian, and I think a good nativity scene is beautiful. But, I also don't believe it's appropriate for them to display one on the lawn of a state government building. That's the equivalent of them promoting Christianity, and I don't think that's right.

    Desi said...

    I think everyone should have equal representation on the grounds of a government building -- although we've seen that keeping religion out of politics is quite impossible.

    The Opsahls said...

    So...I just heard on the news that the infamous sign was stolen. Did you and Baby Bee make a trip to Olympia this morning?? ;)