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    What Are You Looking For

    I was just perusing Google Analytics to see where you visitors are finding my blog, but instead I learned that three people have found Mom to Bee by searching for:

    How to make a shiv

    Seriously, though? What the fuck. #1: Where do I ever make a reference to shivs (is that the correct plural of shiv?) and #2: Why do I get the weirdos on my blog?!

    Song title: What Are You Looking For by 7 Mile


    Anonymous said...

    HAHA! The clown post is hilarious! Did the cast of Cirque de whatever all gang up on your site or something? Oh, man! Pure entertainment. Gotta love the people that go around bitch posting.

    I would google shiv, but apparently it would just lead me back to your blog. I will have to live with my curiosity, huh?

    J said...

    You definitely *did* use shiv somewhere. Probably with some regard to those carnies that were all hot and bothered...

    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    All the terms that come over to my place are lame,lame, lame. Of course that could also mean the blog is lame??? :(