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    Love Thy Neighbor
    So Mr. Bee has this friend, let's call him Fred, who isn't big on the dating scene. Some of their collective friends decided, with Fred's permission, to create an EHarmony profile for Fred. Not long after, Fred started talking online with a lady, we'll call her Suzy.

    Suzy lives in the same town as Fred and the other day Fred starts talking about where he lives. He says, "I live in downtown Townville."

    She says, "Me too!"

    He says, "Well, I live over behind the car dealerships."

    She says, "uh, me too!"

    He says, "Well, uh, I live on Main Street..."

    She says, "Do you drive a Mini Cooper?"

    And Fred does! So she says, "Go out in to your driveway!"

    When Fred walks out to his driveway, he sees Suzy across the street and four houses down!! They went on their first date a few days ago; Fred "picked up" Suzy at her house and they walked downtown to dinner.

    I've told Mr. Bee that these two will totally end up getting married since that is such an awesome story! Who knew it would take EHarmony to meet your neighbor four doors down.

    UPDATE: Mr. Bee informed me tonight that Fred learned through Suzy that the neighborhood gossip was that he was potentially gay since he has a friend (male) that comes over every Friday to do his laundry at Fred's house! LMAO!

    Song title: It's A Small World (After All) from Disney, the Musical


    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    Who knew it would take Eharmony to find out gossip about yourself? LOL Poor Fred!

    ro said...

    Awesome story!

    BTW - our good friend tried to sign up for eHarmony, but was rejected. I didn't even know they did that...but apparently they don't think athiests need love too.

    Mama Bee said...

    Uh oh, don't get me started on issues like that ro! :) I may have to get serious on the Hive and discuss some big issues now that you've got me thinking about them!!