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    Mama loves her Sissy!
    Today Sissy and Family (and I) went to Meeker Days in Puyallup ("Pew-Al-Up" for those that don't speak fluent Washingtonian...). It was way too hot for this Washingtonian and I was dying in the upwards of 85+ degrees outside! Seriously, anything hotter than a comfy 75-ish is way too much for me to handle.

    Besides the heat (and being totally inappropriately dressed for eating dinner in the grass!), it was so fun hanging out with Sissy and Family! I'm still totally in shock and denial that they are back home for good! See...Sissy and Family moved to Jolly Ol' England in early 2004 and finally moved back to the States a year ago or so. To New Jersey. Yes, you heard me correctly. New Jersey. But not even the close-to-New-York-New-Jersey. Like, out is the middle of friggin' no where Jersey. Needless to say, Sissy is very happy to be home too!

    And I'm so happy to have Niece (seen above - isn't she fab?) and Big Nephew and Little Nephew home again! They are just crazy monkeys and I love it. Too quote 4-year-old Niece, (while eating KFC for lunch) "Someone call the doctor because I've got Chicken Fever!" Reminded me a bit of this and I was dying laughing.

    Song title: Fair by Ben Folds Five