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    All Good Things (Come to an End)

    Call me slow, but it just hit me today that tomorrow will be the last day that we will be living in our F-Dub home. We're going to start our move on Saturday and hopefully be living in our Hills Shoe Box by Saturday evening. But now I don't want to go!

    For years our F-Dub home was nothing special. It was built in the early 1970's and boy did it look like it! But the crappy place grew on me. We fixed it all up (unfortunately, not in time to really enjoy it) and it slowly grew from crappy first home to our comfy home.

    I'll always remember the day we got the keys to Mr. Bee and I's first home together. It was the weekend that Mr. Bee proposed...

    I was awoken early (6:30am-ish and to a professional student at the time, that's early) with a phone call from Mr. Bee. He was too excited and couldn't wait any longer for me to wake up. He told me to wake up, pack a bag (he gave me a few situations to pack for), and head down to our new home. About a half hour later, I was on the road and got another phone call from the Mr. He told me to look underneath my driver's seat. I pulled out a travel guide for San Francisco! Sweet!
    I met Nana (back when she was just called "Mom") at the new house with the keys and gave her the first tour of the house. That weekend the Mr. and I went to San Francisco where Mr. Bee popped the big question on a romantic bluff on the ocean after the sunset. *sigh*

    We got back in town late Sunday night and just couldn't wait to start our new *engaged* life, so we raided my parents house for sleeping bags, towels, toilet paper, the works. We created a little nest in our living room and started living in the house that night! (We also learned the hard way that apparently the utilities had been shut off prior to closing...Thank God for parents living two minutes away! Houses without running water suck.)

    That was five years ago. This house has seen us through the end of law school, starting a business, job promotions, our first (and psychotic) dog, our first pregnancy and, of course, our first child. And now we have just sold her off to some douchebags like she's our red-headed stepchild. How do we know that they will love her (and hate her) as we have?

    But now we're moving to greener pastures. And to celebrate, we're feasting tonight on my favorite local Chinese food (and pretty much the *only* Chinese food that delivers to our crappy neck of the woods). It's really the only restaurant in the area that I'll miss - except for Panera and Great Harvest Bread Co. (but god knows I'll be back to visit those places like every single day).

    On a super, happier note, Sissy and Family moves home tomorrow! I'll be loitering around Seatac at noon tomorrow to pick them up, but it still hasn't hit me that they are back home (Western Washington) for good! They've been gone about four and a half years now and I'm pretty sure my mom is pooping herself with excitement tonight. Maybe I should bring some Depends with me to the airport...

    Song Title: All Good Things (Come To An End) by Nelly Furtado