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    Totally crazy day! I get a call at 10:45 am from a realtor that wants to preview the house for a client of hers. She's super nice and we chat briefly. I take off and visit an old college friend of mine who is in town for a little bit (super cute play date with our two little girls! I'll download some photos later). When I get home, I simultaneously get a phone call from my real estate agent AND the agent who visited the house earlier. The house is not something her client would really be interested in, but the REALTOR and her husband like it! Can she come back later tonight and show it to her husband? Uh YEAH YOU CAN!

    I haven't heard anything since I've been back from the second visit, but I will crap my pants if we get an offer on the house before it's even been on the market for a week! So far, the house has had more than 130 hits on various real estate sites, whereas the comparable houses in the neighborhood that have been on the market a month or more have only had like 40 hits. It's crazy! I think we just priced it perfectly and hopefully we'll sell soon! :) YAY!