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    This Offer Is Unrepeatable

    Contrary to the image on the left, we don't have that much money to throw around. But here is the story of how we, earlier than expected, have now put an offer on "our" house.

    So on Saturday afternoon, after I got my blonde-ness back, I was shopping for groceries and received a phone call from the lady at Redfin who would be opening up houses for us to tour. After I added "our" house to the list (because I am obsessive and even though we've already toured "our" house twice...well, I wanted to visit it again and reassure it that we would be buying it soon!), the woman calls me back to let me know "oh, btw, the owners say that there is already an offer on the house, but it hasn't been accepted yet. Just thought you should know..."

    What? WHAT?! "OUR" house could be purchased by someone other than moi?! IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    ::cue freak out::

    We immediately call our agents (oh, yes, both of them) to get some sort of guidance on what the hell we should do. Long story cut way shorter, we decide to risk the earnest money and put an offer on the house!

    Summary of events: In the last week, we received an offer on our current home, countered it, and got our counter-offer accepted AND put an offer in on "our" home in the Hills. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure my head (or bowels) will explode soon due to stress.

    But the good news is that we should hear something from the company that owns "our" house by Wednesday or Thursday (since technically they won't see the offer until Tuesday...Thanks, Memorial Day.) I'm pretty sure that getting a positive response on Wednesday would be a pretty fantastic birthday present! :)