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    (oh yeah, that song is from High School Musical...so very ashamed of myself...)

    Today I'm conducting an experiment entitled "How To Be A Bad Mama Bee and therefore a Disappointment." This study includes giving in to Baby Bee's demands/whines/screams/growls/Excorcist-esque head-spinning requests for a bottle instead of her sippy cups. Over the last week we've attempted to transition Baby Bee to the sippy, with mixed results. She will drink water out of a cup, but pretty much refuses to drink milk from one.

    During the weekend, I gave in due to not wanting to deal with El Diablo on Mother's Day. Then back to the program on Monday. Yeah, I'm totally over it again. I keep being told, "Oh, you'll have a couple of tough days, but she'll eventually get it and start using the sippy cups." Hmmm...when is that supposed to happen again? After 3 days of her hardly drinking anything, I feel the need to give her bottles again, if only to get some fluids in her!

    And, to be honest, my experiment today (i.e. giving bottles instead of sippies at every meal) is also to see if her crazy behavior is directly related to her thirst(which I imagine at this point must be pretty intense).

    Oye Mi Canto
    Baby Bee and I are watching a Sesame Street from 2005 that has a segment with Gloria Estefan. Wearing overalls. On television. In 2005. Not 1995. 2005. Really, Gloria? That's the best thing you could find to wear? I know it's Sesame Street and all, but come on.

    More later on how Mr. Bee is the most awesome husband ever. Baby starting to yawn already - I think this will require some Mama/Baby cuddle-time...