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    The Old Stuff

    A Song For You

    At last weekend's bachelorette party, the bride-to-be made compilation CDs that were inspired by us attendees. Last night I was telling Mr. Bee all about it and we started brainstorming what songs we would choose for ourselves. Mr. Bee's suggestion for me was:

    Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe

    I just about died laughing! Maybe it's a sign that I should stop my complaining (or at least take temporary breaks from it!).....Eh, who are we kidding?

    Home, Sweet, Anyone Want to Buy My Home?

    Today is the big day! Mr. Bee is dropping by shortly (because we forgot to do the one important thing that we were supposed to do yesterday - sign the MLS listing paperwork for our agent!) and then he's heading up to Redfin to drop off the paperwork and pick up the Open House signs for tomorrow.

    Needless to say, if you know anyone looking for a home, send them our way!! It's so exciting to finally get to Open House day (and somewhat relaxing since we're almost finally done with our ridiculously long to-do checklist).