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    Somebody's Watching You

    My stalker (you know who you are) requested some updates on the Mama Bee front and who I am to do anything but abide by my followers' wishes?

    OMG...did you hear about your house yet?? It's already 9:23 in sweet Jesus' name!
    Nope, no news on the house yet! I've confirmed with our agent that it's on the desk of the Relocation Company as we speak and she'll email/call if she hears anything. Did I mention that we had to read through and sign a THIRTY-FOUR page addendum to the normal offer paperwork just to submit the offer to the Relo Company? Bureaucracy at it's finest.

    Are you watching the Bachelorette? Can we talk about how h-o-t the Seattle dude is?
    I'm partly ashamed to say that I haven't seen it yet! But I'm far more embarrassed to admit that it's on one of our three TiVos. Oh yes, Bee fans. We have THREE TiVos. And one even records 2 different shows at once. What is totally messed up is that we frequently have four shows recording at once. And by "we" I mean "me." And by "shows" I mean practically every single show that is on prime time television. Seriously. I may have an addiction. And by "may" I mean "Yeah, I have an addiction."

    But I will watch it soon! It's on the Treadmill TiVo so watching it means I actually have to exercise...but Hot Seattle Guy might just be the incentive I need to break a sweat.

    I love that they always come around...
    Seriously, why do men even argue with their wives? They know eventually we'll get our way! It's like they have this quota of time they have to fill with the fruitless attempt to get their way even though they now how pointless it is. For all the crap, the stinking, rotten, garbage juice, hot mess of crap, that women/wives have to put up with just because we have a vag (follow up post to come soon), at least we can come home knowing that it's really our say that matters. (I mean that in the best way possible, honey!)

    I hope this keeps you busy as you attempt to procrastinate from doing your work, Monkey! :)