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    Desert = Hot

    Dying in the Vegas heat, I thought I'd give a rundown of last night's events. After I touched down in LV, one of the bridesmaids (yeah, I'm the only girl who is *not* a BM) and I grabbed a private driver and rode in a black Escalade to the Paris. After changing and waiting for a few more girls to arrive, we hit Margaritaville at the Flamingo for dinner.

    Back at the hotel, we watched a video taken of the groom answering questions about the bride and the bride-to-be opened lingerie presents until 3am.

    The bride surprised us all by giving gifts to *us* presents! Each of us got a tee that has something about us on the front of it. Examples are: I am a fashion plate, I can sing, and I am kind of a big deal. My was "I am witty." Yeah, uh no pressure for the rest of th weekend. Now I have to try to be all Seinfeld for the rest of the weekend to live up to my shirt!