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    After days of rescheduling and putting it off, I finally got my butt in a old bikini and headed to the tanning salon last night. I'd never realized that there is a pretty large and nice tanning salon chain just right down the road from our house. I walk in and the ladies (read: teenagers) were super nice and eventually they talked me in to a package deal (which I knew I'd be suckered in to!).

    I finally pay for the whole deal, including having to pay for my own eye wear. Side note: WTF is up with that?! I know it's literally been a decade since I've walked in to a tanning salon, but seriously?! I had to shell out $5 for those ugly little tanning goggles. Nice.

    So, anyway, I get everything paid for and get my sweet little goggles and then the chick who is helping me asks, "So, would you like to make an appointment for tomorrow?" Wha- wha- WHAT?! Oh yes, dear friends. After all that, they are completely booked up tonight and you typically have to make a reservation at least a day in advance. Did she feel the need to let me know, that even though you can clearly see that I have a bathing suit on, I was indeed just shelling out a ridiculous amount of money so come back later in the week?! I'm slightly worried that she didn't take any info from me either (besides billing my credit card) so hopefully when I walk in there tomorrow night, they'll know who I am!


    ambrojean said...

    Was this Desert Sun?!? Honestly every time I walk into this salon, I feel like I am on an episode of Sunset Tan (yes, that show was actually on my TIVO -- so SAD). Anyways, I literally have to laugh, they are always trying to upsell you, have some damn special package, etc. You would think you couldnt "sell a salesperson" but DAMN these kids are good :)

    Mama Bee said...

    HAHA! It's *totally* Desert Sun!! And it WAS very Sunset Tan (not like I've, uh, seen that show...)

    I'm going to my appointment tonight so we'll see how salespersoney the'll be! I'm sure I'll be suckered in to some sort of lotion/cream/oil or something!!