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    House of Pain

    Why is house hunting so excruciating sometimes?! I'm totally conflicted with a few different house choices in "the Hills". (oh yeah, I'm SO referring to "my" new neighborhood as the Hills!)

    There is a home that's approximately the same price as newly built construction but is about 7 years old. It has a waaaay bigger lot and GORGEOUS views of Mt. Rainier. But then I think: why buy an "old" house when I could buy brand new construction and customize everything to be just the way we want it? Also, I'm thinking that the sense of community and younger families might be stronger in the new area too. BUT the new area has some icky power lines (but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't really see them very much with the houses built).

    What would you do? Older home with bigger lot and views versus New home with smaller lot but totally customizable? HELP!!