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    How do you like the new look?
    I figured since the site is getting a ton of hits, I should buckle down and make it look a bit nicer!

    Who? What? Huh?
    Where? What are we talking about? Yeah, so those are going to be my answers to anything you ask in the next week or so! Just found out from our buying agent (herein referred to as Ms. Redfin) that to really make our offer serious, we need to go ahead and put our house on the market (since our offer is contingent on the sale of our F-Dub house).

    So....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! We have so much to do now! We just got our house makeover done, but we still have a couple projects I want to do before we have a photographer over to take photos for the listing online. That and the amount of stuff we want to put in to storage to just make the house look a bit cleaner and uncluttered is just ridiculous! Sooooo much to do! This whole house buying thing went from FUN to HOLY CRAP real fast.

    Hopefully Mr. Bee will be able to take some time off work and we'll enlist the help of Mr. Bee's Mom to watch the little bugger while we actually try to get some stuff accomplished this week/weekend. Add in that Mr. Bee has a huge deal going on next week at work with people coming in from all over the country AND I'm gone Friday-Sunday in Vegas...I'm just a bit stressed!

    So, needless to say, if anyone wants to come over to learn how to tile counter tops this weekend, send me a line!! :)


    J said...

    Woo hoo! Holy crap! I love that ride!