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    Spanx a lot!

    FYI: Spanx + Running on a Treadmill = lungs too compressed for high intensity exercise.

    (Due to my butt hitting the floor and ceiling when I run on my treadmill, I had the brilliant idea of wearing a pair of, um, support underwear to keep my butt in check. Yeah. Didn't work.)


    ambrojean said...

    Maegan -- you MUST try Lululmon pants! I SWEAR buy these when working out....they might be (okay they are) a little on the pricey side, BUT one pair and you are set. They make your butt look great, they flatten your stomache, they prevent chafing....in one word MIRACLE!

    Heres a link to MY fav :)


    Mama Bee said...

    Thanks dude! Where do you buy them? How much is "pricey"?