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    The Old Stuff

    "I'm a stomach flu away from my goal weight."

    Mr. Bee and I love watching the Biggest Loser (usually while sitting on our arses and stuffing our faces with cookies and/or ice cream). Every week, it inspires me to get off my duff and walk the eleven stairs down to our treadmill and burn off a few pounds. Most weeks, the inspiration fades as soon as I realize that I haven't eaten all my Cold Stone yet.

    Run, Forest, Run!
    But as Vegas nears, I feel the need to lose more weight. I've lost all but a tiny smidge of the baby weight but would really love to lose at least another ten pounds before baby #2 sneaks her way in. I think most of the pressure surrounding Vegas comes from me being the only mother on the trip (as far as I know). The thought of my pale, flabby, stretch-marked tummy laying next to my friends' un-babied and toned abs makes me run, not walk, to the treadmill! Luckily, I scored my dream swim suit, but I figure a little exercise before May won't kill me.

    Count Chocula
    I've found the key to me losing weight (at least the last ten or fifteen pounds of baby weight) was counting calories. To me, this means eating most of the crap I usually do, but just documenting it in my nifty Excel spreadsheet (yes, I'm a nerd) and keeping track of what I eat. I also found a great website called Calorie King, that can give you the calorie content of pretty much anything. Also, for figuring out how many calories you should be eating to maintain your weight, lose weight or lose a lot of weight, go to the Free Dieting site. It has a great calculator for determining calorie intake and a cool calendar that tells you how long it should take you to get to your goal weight.

    Now, back to those cookies I baked for Bunco...


    Alicia said...

    which were delicious by the way!

    Mama Bee said...

    Thanks! So delicious that I'm forced to eat like a dozen per day. NOT good for the whole workout/lose weight routine!!